Monday, August 13, 2012

Angie's whiter teeth - and fresher breath!

I'm getting my taste buds back. Now this is something that every smoker dreads, getting taste buds back and having food taste so much better and putting on weight. So far I haven't gained any weight and I've been monitoring my portions so my weight doesn't increase drastically. However I am getting simple pleasure out of other things I can taste, like my toothpaste. No, I do not eat my toothpaste but I am enjoying the simple pleasure of having a clean mouth longer than if I were smoking. Think about it you brush your teeth then smoke not so much of a fresh mouth any more. But I am enjoying having a fresh clean tasting sensation in my mouth since I've quit. It's only been a little over a week but it's good. I was grateful that my husband was off from work all last week because it prevented me from sneaking a smoke. Now that he's back to work I have to exert extra will power to stay away from the nicodemon. Both the patch and fresh tasting lozenge are helping me! It's simple things that I've been enjoying like the ability to breathe better. Although I still have to do a nebulizer treatment every once in a while I realized how yucky the medicine in the nebulizer tastes and it's yet another deterrant away from smoking. I have it in my head keep smoking and the nebulizer will be part of daily living. Quit for good and I'll need it less and less. My goal is only to need it for allergy season, which is a good goal. In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy the simple tasting pleasures of having a clean mouth lasting longer! Angie

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