Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012 - Angie's 1 Week Milemark!

Deborah, So it's been one week since my last smoke and I'm feeling better and better everyday. I had to increase my support network so I've been posting on my facebook my quitting saga. Today I posted the link to the blog so people can read not only my story but other's as well. It's great for both ex smokers and smokers alike. Who knows maybe the smokers that read it may think about quitting. My biggest trigger is still driving. Before getting into the car I used to think how many cigarrettes is this drive. I would think about some landmarks I would pass that would trigger me to have a smoke. Then caluclate how many cigarrettes I needed in the car to do this trip and factoring in an extra smoke in case of traffic! Now I think of it as every trip is a one lozenge trip, maybe two for traffic! I'm just proud that I made the one week milemarker. This time, my one hundredth time trying to quit, may be it. I have a gut feeling that I can lick my tobacco addiction for good. I keep thinking it's all about self respect. There's few things we as humans can control in this world and I can control my tobacco use, despite being in a traffic jam! Angie

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