Monday, August 6, 2012

Angie - Day 5

Deborah, I'm doing really well now. I have had thoughts of having a smoke but then I keep thinking deodorant and the stickers on the bag of tobacco help. My husband even put another deodorant label on the tube machine so it's more of a deterrent. I just went to the laundry mat and got annoyed with the attendant. She's a smoker and saw the patch on my arm. She asked what was it and I said it's a patch I'm trying to quit. Then she said, if you're ready you don't need anything. It got me thinking that eventually I won't need it but for the first few weeks someone does need the extra help. It's like if you broke a leg and needed crutches. I mean yeah eventually you won't need the crutches but as the leg heals you need the crutches to help you walk. That's what nicotine replacement therapy is like a temporary crutch. I know I'll face urges but for now when the urges are strongest I need the crutch to help stay away from the cigarette demon. My support buddy, my mom called this morning and asked how I was doing. The biggest hurdle is over, the want of a smoke when I first wake up. My sense of smell is coming back and I can smell the smoke on my husband. It gets me to think that I smelled like that. Thanks for all the help and support and I'll see you Thursday night. Angie

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